Found in Books… # 2

Today’s images offer variety. Of course, one thing we find in books in abundance is bookmarks from bookstores. We’ve found countless Borders bookmarks, and a healthy collection of bookmarks from familiar Massachusetts bookshops, three of which we present today from venerable shops in Cambridge (one of which, Words Worth, is no longer there). Sometimes you […]

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Found in Books… # 1

Books become the final resting place for many paper scraps. Bookstore bookmarks, lists, scrawled notes, articles torn from newspapers and magazines, doodles, postcards, letters, adverts. They sometimes give clues to the book’s passage (a receipt, perhaps, or the bookstore’s bookmark) or shed a little light on the life of the owner – a Paw Sox […]

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The Provenance of Books…

I often wonder about the books we acquire for Bedlam. For any given volume, which bookstore sold it first? Who bought it, owned it, and why? Where has it been since being tucked into a backpack and walked out the door of (fill in the blank) bookshop back in, say 2006, or 1991, or 1975? […]

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Clean Books for Dirty Times

Bedlam has clean books. No, not morally clean, not free of profanity, shock, or salacious content; I mean literally clean. As clean as used books can be. In fact, a guiding principle of Bedlam’s book buyers and cleaners is to present books for sale with as few indicators that they’re used as possible. We’re talking […]

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Bedlam Rises – An Opening…

At Last! Bedlam Book Café, Worcester’s premier (and only) book cafe is open! What exactly IS a ‘book café’? We’re not sure yet but we’ve started one (and, oops, actually the café won’t open until this coming week [eyes looking up and away] but that’s beside the point). The point is, you can help define […]

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