Found in Books… # 2

Today’s images offer variety. Of course, one thing we find in books in abundance is bookmarks from bookstores. We’ve found countless Borders bookmarks, and a healthy collection of bookmarks from familiar Massachusetts bookshops, three of which we present today from venerable shops in Cambridge (one of which, Words Worth, is no longer there).
Sometimes you can get the news from old books, though the news will be old news, like the Foreign Policy bulletin on the Spanish Civil War from 1937.
Among the curious treasures we’ve come across is this very old signature, a random scrap of paper from a century or more ago. Who, we wonder, was William Knight of Jamestown, when did he live, and when did he render his lyrical signature on this aged paper?
You can ask yourself questions about everything that emerges from a book, questions that lead down vivid paths, through intriguing portals, into far away places. Who used William Knight’s signature to mark their spot? And who was William Knight anyway? What book held the bookmark from hallowed Words Worth Books? Around what table in what room did young intellectuals debate the Spanish Civil War? You can almost smell the tobacco smoke and wafting aromas of burnt coffee, hear the clatter of plates, the “humphs” and snorts of disagreement, the banter of engaged minds.
Gates within gates, portals within portals, paper artifacts, quizzical maps to unknown places …

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