Found in Books… # 1

Books become the final resting place for many paper scraps. Bookstore bookmarks, lists, scrawled notes, articles torn from newspapers and magazines, doodles, postcards, letters, adverts. They sometimes give clues to the book’s passage (a receipt, perhaps, or the bookstore’s bookmark) or shed a little light on the life of the owner – a Paw Sox ticket, a business card, a typed-out poem, an airline boarding pass.
From the 10,000+ volumes we gathered to open Bedlam we extracted hundreds of paper scraps of all kinds, enough to fill a bunch of plastic archival bags. We’re not sure what to do with it all, honestly. Perhaps collage a bathroom wall?
Well, and share, of course. So here are the first three, two of which are obvious choices to post; the third is just one of those unexpected & unique images that catches your eye.

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