Bedlam Rises – An Opening…

At Last! Bedlam Book Café, Worcester’s premier (and only) book cafe is open! What exactly IS a ‘book café’? We’re not sure yet but we’ve started one (and, oops, actually the café won’t open until this coming week [eyes looking up and away] but that’s beside the point). The point is, you can help define Bedlam just by coming in, by browsing the shelves, sipping a juice or slurping a smoothie, enjoying a French press coffee or a locally grown herbal tea at the bar.

We are a work in progress, a dynamic and emerging construct, an uproar in uproarious times. This is important to note because our stock will vary widely and will be in a state of evolution and tumult for some time. When you come in a week later and the section you were excited about isn’t where you thought it was, don’t worry, it’s probably not you; we probably moved it.

Of course a used bookstore is, by its very nature, capricious; its stock depends in more or less equal measure on hustle, hunch, happenstance, and imagination. In the six months of acquiring Bedlam’s opening day collection, we hustled indeed and we used our imaginations plenty going elbow to elbow with other dealers and avid public readers in the aisles and basements of library book sales across Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut.  

With that in mind, we hope that you find Bedlam’s stock to be just what we intended, an eclectic mélange of curious, academic, avant-garde, whimsical, practical, studious, and enjoyable (in one way or another) books, some 10,000 or so.

So come all you enthusiastic bibliophiles, you voracious readers, you seekers of curiosities, step into Bedlam. Come you scholars and researchers, you poets and playwrights, painters and philosophers, come and browse the shelves of Bedlam for inspiration and discovery. Come you scientists and theorists, you readers-of-other-languages, you students and laborers, immigrants and multi-generational New Englanders, come and see what surprises Bedlam has for you.


One thought on “Bedlam Rises – An Opening…

  1. I am very impressed with art and poetry sections. The layout is lovely and inviting. Next time I visit I plan on staying much longer. I had been grieving the loss of used bookstores in Worcester. I sure hope Bedlam does well.

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